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Custom Remodels

We take pride in our history of excellent renovation and remodeling services.

Custom Remodels

Here at New Element, we work tirelessly to ensure your total happiness by providing only the finest service. We take pride in our history of excellent renovation and remodeling services. With over 15 years of professional experience, we can handle all aspects of residential construction in any shape or size. 


Because the kitchen is such a central part of daily life at home (as a gathering place, a second workplace, and the site of private conversation and cherished memories), it is one of the most frequently requested remodeling projects we carry out.


New Element’s primary objective during a bathroom renovation is to provide you with a private space in which to unwind and rejuvenate.  Given the personal nature of a master suite, our designers work closely with you to ensure that your every need is met.


Our services range well beyond simple renovations. We take great delight in constructing both little additions and large, multi-room homes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

Outdoor Living

The universal appeal of a comfortable patio or porch is undeniable. The desire for outdoor expansions and renovations of all sizes is soaring. These include anything from little back porches to elaborate patios equipped with kitchens, bars, and seating.

Your turn to make a move


New Element Exteriors is Utah’s expert in exterior remodeling and new construction of decorative finishes for residential and commercial builds. Our mission is to offer residential and commercial exterior services that are cost-effective, efficient, and result in a quality and beautiful result. Fill out our “Free Estimate” form with basic details about the scope of your project, and our team will contact you with a project estimate!